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Hibanacon is back for November 2018.

Join us for a weekend of Japanese animation and culture at Jurys Inn, Milton Keynes. There will be Panels, Games, Live acts, Cosplay and of course Parties, including the Hibanacon Cosplay Ball.

Whether your convention experience is just beginning or you're a veteran of many years, there's something for everyone so come and celebrate with us.

March Update - Hibanacon 2017

06/03/2017 by Mike

Hello again to you, the Bright Sparks of Hibanacon. This week the committee is freshly back from a fantastic Minamicon, we’d like to give them a big thank you for all their kind words, advice, and the opportunity to speak to the attendees about Hibanacon! We’d also very much like to thank the Tokonatsu committee and the members of the former Auchinawa committee for their advice too!

Meet the Committee: The Events Officer - Hibanacon 2017

27/02/2017 by Mike

Gather around everyone. We realise the committee for this event has been a bit “shrouded in mystery” so we thought we’d have a little bit of a talk about who the committee are! We’ve all been con-goers for a decade or more, and our first article is a profile of the Events Officer who's managed a good innings of 11 years of attending conventions so far!

Hibanacon Registrations Now Open! - Hibanacon 2017

24/02/2017 by Mike

After months existing on energy drinks and zero sleep we are excited to announce ticket sales for Hibanacon 2017 are now open, only 350 spaces are available at just £50 for the whole weekend so click here to order yours now.


Meet the Mascots - Part 1 - Hibanacon 2017

20/02/2017 by Mike

It's time to meet the first of our convention's mascots…

February Update - Hibanacon 2017

14/02/2017 by Mike

Welcome once again, bright sparks, to another update on the progress Hibanacon has made this month.

Get Involved: Gophering - Hibanacon 2017

06/02/2017 by Mike

There’s a grand tradition of anime conventions, and it’s what makes them tick. Without these people a convention simply could not run, or if it did it would be, at best, a complete shambles. Who are we talking about? Gophers.

Boardgames at Hibanacon - Hibanacon 2017

01/02/2017 by Mike

January Update - Hibanacon 2017 - Hibanacon 2017

23/01/2017 by Mike

Greetings to you the bright sparks who follow Hibanacon. Welcome to the first post on our brand new website.