Hibanacon 2018 - 2018 Guest Panellists
Written by Mike on 08/07/2018
Greetings Bright Sparks of Hibanacon! We’re working away in the background to give you some new and exciting items for our Second Stage. We thought it was about time we started to talk more about some of the things you might be seeing from us this year.


It goes without saying that we’ll have some returning events such as our parties, the Masquerade, and the Hibanacon Cosplay Ball. On top of this we’ll have a Dealers Room, more rooms available for panels (submissions are already pouring in, so if you want to volunteer to run a panel we suggest you get your submission in as soon as you can here), and our President is working to make our sound and stage even better than last year.


We’ve already announced a live act for this year in the form of Paul Flannery (Your dungeon master for the unique stage performance of the MMORPG show), and we felt it was time to talk more about some of the guest panelists we’ve invited to the event.


Brian Smith




Most well known at conventions for Madstravaganza as well as countless panels with titles that really do raise more questions than they answer Brian is a convention stalwart. If you’ve ever wondered about the influences of Italian disco on anime, or about the greatest cats in anime, or even the greatest penguins in anime he appears to be the man to ask!


You can find Brian before the event at @awesome_engine on twitter, and on his Dynamite In the Brain podcast.


Niall Flanagan




What is there to say about Niall other than his fanatical devotion to the anime of Yoshiaki Kawajiri, and his love of anime fight scenes. You’ll recognise Niall as a veteran panellist from many a convention, and I certainly remember seeing him, many years ago, give a very interesting panel on the use of Norse mythology in anime.


You can find Niall before the event at @niallcolas_cage and on his podcast Secret of the Sailor Madness, he also guests frequently on Brian’s Let’s Go! Podcast, available on the Dynamite in the Brain podcast feed.


Elliot Page




Elliot has been part of the online anime scenery for the UK for some time. For several years he co-hosted the UK Anime Network podcast with Andy Hanley, and now runs a digital manga search engine, as well as finding time to write many many panels. In 2017 his panel on Short Anime for the Easily Bored or Distracted was something of a highlight.


You can find Elliot at @ElliotPage and at http://moesh.it (He says not to ask about the URL as he sometimes makes choices he later questions himself)




Nia was a very popular panelist last year, and one of the major reasons for that can be summed up in one word.




Yes, Nia is known by some on the committee as “The Cake Lady”. Last year she helped some of you cook up a storm (not literally, that’s a fire risk and makes our Health and Safety bod very twitchy) in decorating your very own anime inspired cakes. This year she’s back again with more cakes! I’ll be honest I’m not sure I can say anything more to convince people to go to a panel than cake.


That’s all for this update. We’ll be back again with another post just as soon as we’ve got more to share with you.