April Update - Hibanacon 2017
Written by Mike on 05/04/2017

Greetings once more Bright Sparks of Hibanacon. This week we’re back with another of our monthly updates, and we’ve quite a bit to go through this month so we best get on with it.


First up this month is some great news on the hotel front. Jurys Inn Milton Keynes, our venue, and the committee have come to an agreement on room rates. Once you’ve bought your ticket you’ll receive an email with a discount code inside (if you don’t then please check your spam folder). Currently we have 150 rooms available at these rates (in both single and double configurations) and with a convention with 350 spaces it's best to get your reservations in now!



We’re proud to announce one of the panellists who will be at Hibanacon this year in the form of Brian Smith of Dynamite in the Brain where you can find the podcast of the same name along with the Let’s Go and Famous Anime podcasts . Brian has been a panel regular at conventions over the years producing an amusing array of panels on penguins, pigs, and cats (presumably because that was easier than doing another panel on animated animals that begin with the letter p). One of Brian’s more…”unique” panels is the source of this image:



Try not to question it too much.


Next up we have another panellist to announce! Another podcaster, in the form of Elliot Page from the UK Anime Network who are on twitter as UK Anime. Elliot is a frequent writer for the site, editor of their podcast, and has run multiple panels for conventions before. Elliot also maintains the legal digital manga search engine Hidamari.moe and the panels he’s submitted so far are very much in that vein...but we’ll announce those at a later date. If you want a recommendation of anything of the podcast to listen to we’d recommend the 2016 awards podcasts as there’s 10-ish hours of quality content over there!


You may have noticed we’ve had a minor website refresh over the last month too, showing off our mascots a bit more and making the registration link a little more obvious. We’ve seen an uptick in registrations since adding it so we think it’s probably working! Several of you have asked about a ticket counter for the website to see how we’re doing for tickets; while we don’t have one yet our webdev is working on including one for our next update at the end of the month.


For those of you are big on the social media side we have now opened our social group for Hibanacon on Facebook here!  Over the months between now and the convention itself it will become the ideal place to arrange cosplay groups, set up meet-ups or just have a chat with other people who are interested in coming to Hibanacon.  At least two of the committee will be in the group too so we'll be on hand if you've got questions about the convention we can sort out quickly too.


Now onwards to what we can expect in the next few weeks:


Finally we’ll be updating our What’s On page more regularly now we’re beginning to get some confirmed events! Eventually it will be joined by a rather nifty calendar our webdev is creating but until you need the schedule we’ll just tell you everything that’s going on.

That’s it for now, keep checking back every week for more articles!