Confessions of a Cosplay Amateur - Hibanacon 2017
Written by Mike on 29/07/2017

This week we have a word from our Events Officer on one of his favourite things about conventions, creating and wearing Cosplay!


Cosplay is often considered to be an essential part of the anime convention experience. Whether you’re in costume, or just enjoying everyone else’s creations, they’re a fantastic and creative addition to any anime convention, and Hibanacon is no exception...


I, myself, got into cosplay as a sort of bet; I said the words that have preceded so many mistakes in life “I bet I can do that”. Well once the challenge was thrown down I ran with it. Over the following hours and weeks I produced my first cosplay outfit; Kouga from Inuyasha.

The costume was created for someone else to wear, and over the subsequent years I have produced more and more costumes. Some of my more recent works, and those I am proudest of, are variations of the Vocaloids Len and Rin Kagamine.

It took around 7 years before I got around to creating cosplay I could wear myself (Colin Baker’s costume from Doctor Who), the first of many as I learn more of the craft involved.

So why not grab a sewing kit and have a go? The most important thing to remember is to have fun. Don’t worry if you can’t afford the most expensive sewing machine (or even if you can’t afford a sewing machine at all, that’s what the sewing kit’s for) what matters is that you feel good about your creation!


Nothing quite compares to the rush you get when you see the smile on someone else’s face as they see your efforts come to life, and even moreso when they ask to take your picture! If you really want to be seen then come and join the Cosplay Masquerade, an event for every cosplayer new or old to have their hard work seen at its best. Hibanacon’s Masquerade isn’t about awards, it’s about people showing off what they love, and being appreciated by the people who love to see them do it.


(First and final image used with permission from Ian McDougall find more of his convention photography here)