Cosplay Ball part 2 - Hibanacon 2017
Written by Mike on 07/06/2017
Apparently, according to the president and his cattle prod, I am required to turn up and actually post things.  As luck would have it though out man on the spot with the Cosplay Ball wanted to talk to you again, thus limiting my need to say anything  to this bit at the top.  Without further ado onward to some comments from Marcus:


As the last article told you, the Sunday night cosplay ball will be your chance to cut a dashing figure as you sweep across the dancefloor.  Let's have something of an example:



Just like that.


“But wait,” I imagine hearing you exclaim, “How can I cut a dashing figure as I sweep across the dancefloor when I have three left feet and hips made of marshmallow?” (Vice President's note: Stop talking about the committee, Marcus)


Worry no more, because we're here to help. You can learn to dance right at Hibanacon! Guaranteed to teach you just enough to make a fool of yourself in public. (Vice President's Note:, seriously, the committee already have "making a fool out of yourself in public" as a trademark)


A few of may remember the dancing lessons I've done in the past for Amecon, Ayacon and – once upon a very long time ago – Auchinawa. If so, you'll know that a single lesson isn't very long, but it's just long enough to get the basics of a couple of dances, and a couple of dances is all you really need to make yourself look good on the floor.


One other thing: as I said last time, we really need your music ideas. The fandom keeps moving, cour after cour, so we can't keep playing the same 1990s slow tunes forever. That's why we want to hear your suggestions for music to play during the ball.


We're looking for a good mix of tunes from anime, games, cartoons, geeky cover songs and anything at all related. So find us on social media: Twitter Facebook and throw your hat into the ring.