Get Involved: Panels - Hibanacon 2017
Written by Mike on 21/03/2017

When you think of an anime convention then certain key events come to mind. There’s an opening ceremony, a closing ceremony, usually a party or two, and maybe some screenings. But what other events are there close to the heart of the convention? Well it’s this week’s topic, of course, panels!


Now, if you’re a newcomer to anime conventions you may be wondering what a panel is, and it’s fairly simple. A panel is a talk, presentation, discussion, or workshop held by the attendees of the convention around a certain subject.


Over the years conventions have hosted a truly astounding selection of panels. The best in anime pigs, cake decoration, learning to cosplay, the use of Linkin’ Park’s “In the End” in AMVs over time, the changing demographics of anime fandom, the films of Yoshiaki Kawajiri, and oh so many more. Every convention there are people with specialist or interesting knowledge that want to talk about it, and even more people who want to listen. As long as your panel is either about anime, or “anime adjacent” our events officer would be thrilled to have a chat about it.


So now you know the panels can be on any topic, maybe you have an idea to send to us. First of all you’ll need to go to the panel submissions form and see what we need from you. The first point to make is that we will not be reviewing panels unless you’ve got a ticket! Our events officer already looks a bit frazzled over what we’re asking him to do, so this keeps him from finally snapping...for now.


On the form we do ask some basic admin questions so we can set the panel up, and then we move on to a slightly more in depth section. Don’t be intimidated, just take your time in thinking about what you want to send to us on the form before you submit it. When it gets to us we want to have a good grasp of what you want to do before we have a chat.


We do ask for some optional information about Social Media, and about if you’ve hosted panels before; these are to help us get some idea of your presentational style, and how we can make sure you and your audience get the most out of a panel (some panels and presentation styles just really don’t work at 10am on a Sunday).


Finally on the form there’s some questions about what you might need extra. All the panel rooms come with a projector and just so your presentations work like they do at home we suggest using your own laptop. If you’re wondering if we can supply something for your panel that you think would improve it then please ask and we’ll be certain to take a look at it.


If you’re interested in running a panel or event then get in touch with us using the panel form, and our events officer will get in touch just as soon as he’s had a look. We will be offering feedback and review for any panelists interested beforehand, just to make sure your panel’s as good as it can be on the day.


Speaking for myself I find that panels are the most memorable part of any convention, so here’s your chance to leave an impression on someone else’s fandom!


If you have any questions, or would like to ask our events officer for any advice, you can contact him here: