Hibanacon 2019 - Charity
Written by Joe on 14/09/2019

Greetings bright sparks and welcome to this week's update on Hibanacon 2019. This week we introduce our chosen charity for this year's convention.


Hibanacon 2019 proudly supports Cancer Research UK, both at the convention and in the run-up via our Just Giving page.



Rates of cancer diagnosis are rising all the time. At the current rate some 50% of all people will be diagnosed with some form of the disease in their lifetime.


With cancer affecting so many people, it will come as no surprise that the committee have had their fair share of bad news, whether it be friends, family, and even our own Anime community. That is why this year we are supporting the fight to find a cure for the over 200 cancers that are currently known.


We at Hibanacon know that when you hear the word Cancer you automatically think of the worst scenario, but in truth the money donated by people like you and put into vital research means that rates of survival are improving all the time. Here is how your donations help change the lives of people every day.



So what are we doing to raise money for the charity over the weekend? Well, firstly we’ll be holding a charity auction. We’ll be working with several groups in order to provide you with interesting items to bid on, remember to bid generously because every penny you give goes directly to Cancer Research UK. There will be collection tins dotted around the convention which will be happy to accept any change you have, and at the closing ceremony we’ll be handing around the buckets, so if there’s any money burning a hole in your pocket that the Dealers didn't get their hands on, we'll be happy to take it off your hands!


To make your things even easier, we've also set up a Just Giving page where you can send your donations with just a couple of clicks.



Cancer is a topic that can bring on strong negative emotions, but we at Hibanacon would rather focus on the strong positive impact that our donations make in the fight to cure cancer. With that in mind, lets remind ourselves once more why we are supporting this wonderful charity this year.



We look forward to supporting Cancer Research UK in 2019, and looking forward to having a lot of fun whilst we do it!