Hibanacon 2019 - Guest Week Day 1
Written by Mike on 30/09/2019

Greetings Bright Sparks and welcome to a week of guest announcements for Hibanacon. First up for you today is Elliot Page.

Screentone Club

Elliot has been a podcaster for many years at this point and currently is one of the cohosts of the Screentone Club podcast, a podcast devoted to looking through different manga in every episode, and presenting some critical analysis.

This year Elliot will be presenting a recording of the Screentone Club podcast with regular co-host Andy Hanley, the £100 Manga Library where a series of panellists aim to create the best value manga library they can for a hypothetical £100. Finally he’ll be returning once more to the hallowed halls of Action Castle where you too can take part in a choose your own adventure exactly as ridiculous as every other choose your own adventure (we make no guarantee of Elliot’s wizard costume returning).

You can find Screentone Club and links to the podcast at Screentone.club.