Hibanacon 2019 - Guest Week Day 5
Written by Mike on 04/10/2019

Greetings Bright Sparks, and get ready for another guest. This time it’s convention stalwart Brian Smith.

Dynamite in the Brain

Brian is a long time podcaster, running the Dynamite in the Brain, Let’s Go, Anime That Didn’t Make Us and more alongside a cavalcade of regular and not so regular co-presenters. What you might know him best for at conventions is the incomparable Madstravaganza, a tour of some of the weirder and wilder things made by and about Japan in video short form.

The Anime That Didn't Make Us

This year Hibanacon is your only place to get a taste of Madstravaganza, and as well as that Brian will be giving us panels on Brain Melting Anime, and also taking us through the best anime of the last 12 months with the aid of a panel of helpers.