Hibanacon 2019 - Guest Week Day 6
Written by Mike on 05/10/2019

Greetings Bright Sparks and welcome to the final announcement from this week-long extravaganza. Returning to us for his second year it’s Paul Flannery.

Paul Flannery

Paul plays Tregard in the stage show Knightmare Live where an intrepid adventurer blindly wanders into a dungeon aided by their friends to best the devious Lord Fear. For Hibanacon Paul will be giving us another one of his stage shows, the live action improv show “MMORPG” where together with the audience a party of weird adventurers will go on a journey like no other. We’d explain further but the thrust of the show comes from the audience themselves!

As well as the MMORPG show Paul will be MCing our Cosplay Masquerade, and if wander into the Trad Games room you might even find him there!