Hibanacon 2019 - We're Off To Tokonatsu!
Written by Mike on 01/08/2019

Greetings Bright Sparks of Hibanacon. It’s been a while, and it looks like we’re ready to get back to having something to say once again.

This weekend some of Hibanacon’s committee will be at the ever wonderful Tokonatsu Festival helping to run their gaming area for them. For those of you who don’t yet know Tokonatsu (Toko for short) is one of what we consider our siblings as conventions along with Minamicon. Toko is an event that takes you conceptions of anime conventions, throws them away, laughs into the cool night air, and then goes to do its own thing.

For a start Toko takes place in a field. Yes, that’s right, a field. No headaches from dodgy air conditioning, no waiting for the lift to arrive, just you and the great outdoors. This may well mean it’s the only UK anime convention with its own gigantic slip’n’slide, or organised water pistol fights.

Don’t take my word for it, though, here’s their video produced for their 2018 event:

If you’re at Tokonatsu and fancy a chat just find one of our committee as they’ll be more than happy to talk for hours. How will you recognise our committee? Simple, just look for Hibanacon T-Shirt with “Horizons” on it as these are not on sale to the public yet.

As was publicised on our Facebook group we are now over 70% of the way to our planned capacity, so if you plan to come to Hibanacon now is a great time to register. We’ve got plenty of announcements to come in the final 100 days, so keep your eyes peeled for those soon!