Hibanacon 2018 - Hibanacon On Tour & Screentone Club
Written by Mike on 03/08/2018

Greetings Bright Sparks of Hibanacon, another quick update this week because free time doesn't really exist for the Hibanacon Committee right now!


This week we're freshly back from Amecon! We all had a lovely time and I know a lot of you came to talk to us. We'll be talking a little more about this soon, though. Right now, though, we just felt the need to say a massive thanks to Amecon for letting us go on stage, and talk about Hibanacon which you can see right here:



Speaking of the wonderful weekend out that is Amecon our Social Media Officer Rick was manning the Games Room with the ever-energetic Captain Tyler (who will also be providing the Hibanacon Games Room), they were presented with a delightful gift, and all we can say is..."well played"


Cheers to the Bright Sparks that did this one #hibanacon2018

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Not content with just one convention our President (Chris) and Events Officer (Joe) are off to Tokonatsu! Feel free to come up and say hi to them if you're there, we're all about feedback on Hibanacon, and we're more than happy to hear from people who want to volunteer panels, workshops, or their time as a gopher.



We're going to assume Chris and Joe will spend the entire weekend talking to people in between super soaker battles, and trying not to slowly fry in their tent. Here's hoping everyone at Toko has a wonderful time!  If you want to know more on our thoughts about Tokonatsu 2017 we've got an article on that right here!


It's in tents!


Promoting something for one of our guest panellists now, yes, Elliot Page has a new podcast called Screentone Club. It's 45 minutes of musings from himself and fellow UK-Anime alumnus Andy Hanley on the best and brightest in the world of manga. Follow the podcast on twitter here!


That about wraps it up for this week, we'll be back again soon with more items of interest.