How Bazaar, How Bazaar - Hibanacon 2017
Written by Mike on 21/09/2017
Hopefully the title will earworm some of our older attendees. Moving on swiftly, last week, in our September Update, we confirmed a whole slew of items. This week we're back, and elaborating on something. We told you we'd filled our dealers' room, and now we're going to tell you a little bit more.

Our dealer liaison, the formidable Rick, had two aims when he set out:

  1. Bring in people with cool or unique items.
  2. Make our dealers room varied in content.

Well, he achieved that with aplomb. He's now crawled out from under the mountain of applications we had and here's the list of the people we have coming:

Charming Sushi - Looking for Gachapon? How about official Nendoroids from a Good Smile partner store? Charming Sushi are who you want to talk to.

Go Mimushi - Go Mimushi sells original art, comics and fanart, in the form of postcards, prints, badges, bookmarks and charms. Having looked at some of their stuff they had some cool diverse styles from chibi Yuri on Ice stuff, to some horror inspired Noragami works.

Kawaii Hats - I’m not sure where to go with this one. I mean, you’ve seen the name, right? They’re hats, they’re cute.

Miss Moonshine Makes - The best place to get a good view on Miss Moonshine makes is to go here and read our spotlight article. For the short version Miss Moonshine provides very interesting jewellery and other items mostly focussed around dice. It’s something unique, and very funky.

Patchwork Poppy's & SammyJade Art - Patchwork Poppy’s is a bespoke cosplay service. We’d advise you check out the facebook page for some of their more interesting comissions!

Portal Entertainment - Portal are our main sponsor for the year, carrying a range of anime goods, board games, and card games. You can find out a lot more about them in our previous spotlight article here.

Sweatdrop Studios - We’ve already done a spotlight article on Sweatdrop here but they are well known as one of the UK’s biggest publishers of independent manga. They’re also running some panels at Hibanacon so look out for those.

United Publications - United Publications have been the go to name for anime fans for over 20 years. With a range of Blu Ray, DVD, and manga titles at very reasonable prices there’s rarely an event without their distinctive yellow and black bags.


Hopefully this has whetted your appetite to hand over your cash. I do also know that our president is hard at work trying to squeeze one more table into our dealers room without breaking the health and safety regulations, so if it happens we’ll be sure to let you know who fills the space.