Jollyboat - Hibanacon 2017
Written by Joe on 07/09/2017

Yar har fiddlededee! Avast me hearties! I be here to talk to ye… okay I’ll talk properly now. I’m here to tell you about a comedy act that we couldn’t resist… or else they’d keel haul us! (Editor: I didn't sign up to edit talk like a pirate day)


Jollyboat have recently played the Edinburgh Fringe, Glastonbury, and too many other festivals to count! But wait, there are yet more ports of call to this nautical tail. Sailing high seas to Europe and Australia they've also claimed some prized booty at the UK Musical Comedy Awards. Heading out to sea once more Jollyboat are ready and yarring to bring their swashbuckling show to Hibanacon. (Editor: I'm limiting you to one more "Yarr", Joe. Do we really have to do this?)


Being the UK's top comedy pirate geek rock duo they mix live music, visuals, audience interaction, and a little behind-the-scenes computer programming. Jollyboat put on a show quite unlike anything you've seen before!



The brothers leap aboard Hibanacon singing piratical versions of some of your favourite songs; you may even recognise some from the world of animation. It's a mighty relief to us the good ship Hibanacon is adults only, too, as these pirates can be a bit saucy around the third mug of grog.


You won't only be getting live music from this pair either. Join them again as they take you into the dark and mysterious world of roleplaying games with a full audience-participation game on stage. It’s dangerous to go alone, but they’ll protect you. (Editor: He hasn't used the yarrr, we may yet survive this article.)



Tall tales of adventures on the high seas will surely abound after a hearty tot of rum in the galley once the sun has set. So come along and join in the adventure of the high seas, even landlubbers are welcome. Yarrrr! (Editor: Okay, there's your yarr, wrap it up)


Check out the Jollyboat online: