July Update - Hibanacon 2017
Written by Mike on 13/07/2017
?Hello there bright sparks of Hibanacon and welcome to another monthly update from all of us here working on the convention.


We’ve been beavering away in the background to give you ever more bang for your buck and we think we’ve got some new and interesting things to talk about.


First up is a new confirmation for our ever-growing list of dealers, and these are the lovely people of Charming Sushi. Here to supply you with Nendoroids, Gacha figures, and more I’m sure they’ll be more than ready to make a dent in your wallet!


Next up is something that should be familiar to some of you who went to Minamicon. We have secured the services the delightful Nia to run a panel that, when I say it, will sound like madness but certainly had a lot of smiling faces when we saw a variant of it run. An anime cake decorating panel. I can actually hear some of you questioning our sanity at a distance, but I assure this is a real and very entertaining thing. If you’ve ever wanted a cupcake with Pikachu’s face on (either because you fancy a sweet treat, or because you like the idea of savagely attacking the tiny yellow terror…just me? Okay, fair enough) then this is the event for you.


Now onto something that’s going to be something of a focus for the month and that is the fact we have a 2 hour panel being held by another volunteer, Marianne. For this one I think, while the events officer isn’t looking I’ll delve into one of our many Trello boards and steal his description!


A comprehensive overview of the basics of cosplaying with a focus on making costumes from scratch, including picking a character, breaking down a piece of reference art into manageable components, essentials to buy, working with fabric, wigs and more! Delivered by a cosplayer with over ten years of experience.


This dovetails nicely into one of the articles we hope to put out this month in the form of a tale from the experiences someone had when they first got into Cosplay, as well as talking about the ethos behind the Masquerade.


Hopefully that should be enough to whet your appetite for the coming month, and give you something to chew on while we go away and try to help the President not blow himself up with a mixer desk again. It’s best not to ask how. As always feel free to come back to us on this via email, Twitter, or Facebook and our social media guru will try his best to think of something either witty or accurate.