Meet the Committee: The Events Officer - Hibanacon 2017
Written by Mike on 27/02/2017

Gather around everyone. We realise the committee for this event has been a bit “shrouded in mystery” so we thought we’d have a little bit of a talk about who the committee are! We’ve all been con-goers for a decade or more, and our first article is a profile of the Events Officer who's managed a good innings of 11 years of attending conventions so far!


Name: Joe
Badge Name: DragonBoy
Role: Events Officer


Our Illustrious Events Officer as Doctor Who

(Image courtesy of Ian McDougall, check out his site and twitter


How did you discover anime?


It’s all late-night Channel 4’s fault. Back in the 90s I was staying up late to play video games and switched over to see something called “Fist of the North Star”. This was so unusual, and so ultra violent at the time, that I watched the whole thing out of sheer fascination.


I didn’t realise this was Anime, and it was a few years before I then picked it up again and bought Princess Mononoke on DVD, again I didn’t especially realise that this was Anime.


Further exposure happened thanks to Ant and Dec on SM:TV Live when they showed Pokemon and Digimon, and more recently my partner and I had joined an Anime society where I finally got to see a far wider range of good (and really, really bad) Anime.


Top 5 Influential anime?


Weirdest Anime experience?


Suicidal Toast… just… don’t ask.


What do you do for the convention?


Events officer, as it says up there. I speak with people who volunteer to run panels and events for us, make sure that they’re scheduled into the timetable correctly, reach out to individuals and groups whom I think would make a good attraction to our attendees, and argue with the President about how to pronounce “schedule”.


Why did you volunteer?


Long-term temporary insanity m’lud.


What do you bring to the convention?


But if you mean skills: Biscuits.


Best convention experience?


I don’t want to single out any convention over another as they’re all brilliant at what they do, so I’m going to keep it generic. I love going to the costuming panels and seeing the insane creativity of other people who’re waaaay better with a sewing machine than I. That, and the night time parties.


Where can people talk to you?

Twitter: @Hibanacon
Facebook: @Hibanacon

(Editor’s Note: Joe doesn’t do this social media stuff, but the Hibanacon social media feeds can pass things along to him!  If you want to make his day then you can always submit an event to him too!)


What do you hope for from Hibanacon?


For me personally, I hope I can provide a full schedule of good panels and entertainments for the weekend. Above everything else; I hope people have a good time and want to come back next year.