Meet the Mascots - Part 1 - Hibanacon 2017
Written by Mike on 20/02/2017
It's time to meet the first of our convention's mascots…

From the outside it may look like some of the elements of a convention just pop into being fully formed from the skulls of the committee and the people they talk to. That’s normally the case with the mascot too, but we can assure you it took many hours of gruelling work to come up with an interesting and different concept...that we then scrapped because we had four of them and no one could agree on anything.


So, in the end we decided that we needed to do multiple mascots, each of whom represented a part of anime fandom.


We haven’t decided on names, but for now they’re just our mascot team drawn by the lovely, if slightly crackers (and that’s why we like her) Tammy Taylor (commissions available, reasonable rates, we’re hoping to have a little more info on Tammy herself later too).


Now, we’ll be the first to admit we gave Tammy a “brief” idea on what we wanted, but she took it and ran with it. To that end here’s our first mascot, our Magical Girl!


Magical Girl


There’s three more mascots to come and we’ll be revealing them all as we get closer to the date as well as using them for our conbadges! Yes, that’s right, you’ll be walking away with the traditional convention conbadge emblazoned with some very nice artwork.


Well, pictures tell a thousand words they say and we aim to keep these updates to under 600! Until next week if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send us a message on Twitter, Facebook, or our contact page, and we’ll see you then!