Hibanacon 2018 - Panel/Masquerade Submission Deadlines!
Written by Mike on 02/09/2018

Greetings Bright Sparks of Hibanacon. This week we’re going to be having a bit of a talk on the various ways you can still get involved with this year’s Hibanacon, and when you need to tell us you want to be involved by!




First up, we have panels. Panels and workshops are just one of the many things we offered last year and will be offering again this year. If you want to talk to people for an amount of time on something you’re passionate about in anime, gaming, cosplay, or just about anything adjacent to those then this is your chance. We already have a lot of panel submissions but our events officer would be delighted to know your suggestions, and you can add your idea by filling out the form here and sending it off to events@hibanacon.co.uk.


Submission Deadline: 23/09/2018




Next up we have the Masquerade. What is a Masquerade? Well it’s a chance to show yourself off in cosplay to a crowd to the accompaniment of your choice of music and lighting (all done by our well trained stage crew). We’re happy to accept applications from anyone be they beginner cosplayer or old hand, we’ll do our best to give you your moment to shine. If you’re a photographer it can also be an ideal way to get a much better photo of some cosplays.


As for the Omake, well that’s any number of small skits or performances done in cosplay, usually as part of the Masquerade. We’re taking applications for these at the same time, and it has an identical deadline.


Add your name to the list of people walking out on stage by filling out the form here and sending it off to events@hibanacon.co.uk.


Submission Deadline: 21/10/2018




Want to lend a hand but don’t have anything you want to talk about, or any cosplay you want to show off? That’s fine too. Come to ops, have a chat, and you’ll find a board to put your name on for any number of small jobs around the convention. We can’t stress just how much gophers help us out. There are some perks to, but you’ll have to come and speak to either our trained gopher wrangler on social@hibanacon.co.uk or come to ops and have a chat.  Go here to find out a bit more!


Deadline: NONE. As we said, you can turn up at ops to help out and see what’s available!