September Update - Hibanacon 2017
Written by Mike on 14/09/2017

Our travels to Tokonatsu and Kitacon done we’re now continuing our theme of showing off what we have in store for you at Hibanacon. This week we’re giving you the sizeable September Update.


What is there to say? Well first of all we can confirm a panel that will leave you confused, amazed, and wondering what’s in the water in Japan. Yes, it’s the inimitable Madstravaganza. Now hark, what’s this I hear? Why it’s the merry jingling of sleigh bells. Join Brian Smith from the Dynamite in the Brain podcast for the Madstravaganza bumper Christmas special.



What is Madstravaganza? Here are some genuine quotes I haven’t made up at all:


If you’ve never been Madstravaganza is a collection of insane videos curated by a twisted mind without equal. You’ll see the oddest Japan has to offer with a little extra on the side. Some videos are there because they're weird, and some because Brian wants to inflict them on people.

Madstravaganza’s a good start, but how to keep that level of quality? Have you ever wanted to see a man in a silly costume take you through a big-screen version of Zork? We can’t promise you the silly costume but former editor of the UK Anime Network podcast Elliot Page will be joining us for several panels too. Action Castle 2017 HD remix will leave you puzzled, amused, and kleptomaniacal. Please do try not to steal the owl. No, seriously.



I’m sure we’ll find more time to discuss Brian’s History of Anime Penguins (Revised Edition) if not in our update articles then on our What’s On page. On top of this Elliot will be running Short Anime for the Busy or Easily Distracted. Attend the latter and find out why the Vice President is watching a 3 minute anime about a mad kitten.



While there’s still time to submit panels our Events Officer tells me we’re running very tight on slots to put them in. We’ve had a large number of applications so far so if you do want to take part then please get in touch here as soon as you can.

"There can't be more", you’re thinking. “They can't be adding more, it’s only a weekend!”. Well, yes, recently we've talked panels, we've given you a live musical act in Jollyboat, we even filled our dealers room! But there's one more thing that we need to add.

We have had the first of our anime distributors get back to us and confirm our anime convention will contain actual anime. MVM Entertainment took on board our list of requests...and said yes to them all. Not only that but we’ve agreed with them something a little bit extra for our Gophers, and our Charity Auction (Raising funds for our chosen charity, Mind)!



With this all said we hope you’ll be able to handle being as excited about Hibanacon as we are in the final two months until we fling open the doors.. As always you can contact us by email here, on Twitter, and on Facebook. See you next time!