Hibanacon 2018 - Walter Presents: Crow’s Blood
Written by Mike on 22/10/2018
Greetings Bright Sparks of Hibanacon. This year we have teamed up with Walter Presents (a joint venture between Channel 4 and Global Series Network) to bring you an episode of something a little bit different. We may be a little late for Halloween but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring you a taste of Film4’s “FilmFear” season in the form of Crow’s Blood.

To give you a little taste of what the series is about here’s something from Walter themselves:

“Inexplicable happenings have become a daily occurrence at Dolly International Girls Academy, coinciding with the arrival of a mysterious and quiet transfer student. At first, these incidences seem odd, even ominous, but not entirely out of the ordinary – a crow flies into a window and splatters blood everywhere. The new girl has a nosebleed and covers herself in thick, black blood. Then a student falls several floors off the roof of the school. Her body seems mangled, yet two days later she is absolutely fine. Could the new girl play a part in the gruesome and sinister events that are unfolding?”

“Crow’s Blood’s tone borrows from both western films and the iconic nuances of Japanese horror. Bringing together some of the biggest names from both the U.S. and Japan, this slick horror is as compelling as it is dark.”

The rest of the series will be available on All4 too, so you’ve no need to worry about needing to know where it goes from there. So why not come along and see the first episode yourself from 10pm in Event 5 at Hibanacon, and in the meantime feel free to look at what else Walter is up to:

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