Hibanacon 2018 - We’re Off to Amecon!
Written by Mike on 23/07/2018
Greetings once more Bright Sparks of Hibanacon. This week is a bit of an oddity as we’re not just talking about our own convention (we’re not going to lie it might be happening next week as well!). We’re all off to Amecon!


Yes, it’s time to make the annual convention attendee pilgrimage to Warwick Arts Centre, and see what’s up with panels, the Masquerade, evening parties, and more (we have them too if it all sounds familiar). Here’s most of the committee promoting Hibanacon at Kitacon 2017 for those of you who remember it.



For many of us Amecon 2004 was, if not our first, one of our first conventions. It’s a real testament to the UK community that now, some 14 years later, people are still turning up to make a small haven of like minded people for a whole weekend.


People involved with Hibanacon will be wearing our Hibanacon shirts throughout the weekend (Look for the ones that say Hibanacon 2018 on them). We tend to spread out quite a bit and all do different things at the convention so wherever you are you’re likely no more than 20 feet from a committee member (I’m not sure if that’s creepy or not, but you should probably be worried either way).


If you fancy a chat then please do come and talk to any of the fine gents pictured here, they’ll be more than delighted to talk to you for hours on end.